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    Objectives and vision

    The association of hotel and restaurant keepers Velingrad and Western Rhodopes

    For development of tourism in destination Velingrad and tourist area Western Rhodopes


    The region of Velingrad and Western Rhodopes has the unique opportunity as SPA destination,

    with the climate properties and its nature, to become

    the most recognizable face of tourism in Bulgaria

    at Balkan, European and World level.


    Where else in Europe are there 77 sources of mineral water with healing properties?

    What tourist destination in Bulgaria is so attractive all year round?

    Where is the largest karst source in the country?

    Where are dams more beautiful than those of Dospat, Beglika Shiroka polyana and Batak?

    What other Bulgarian region has the combination of such beautiful natural and climatic resources?

    What other Bulgarian region did not admit an excessive construction and chaotic development?

    What other Bulgarian tourist resort offers a quality tourist SPA product and maintains the good balance between supply and demand?

    What other Bulgarian region can compete with the beauty of Western Rhodopes?

    Where are there people more hospitable and tolerant than our colleagues and fellow citizens?


    What are the personal benefits for the members of the Associatiion of Hotel and Restaurant Keepers – Velingrad and Western Rhodes?


    Everyone to increase his income out of the activity he develops!

    Everyone to reduce the net cost of the expenses he makes for his activity!

    Everyone to increase the value of the investment he has made!

    Everyone to be proud that has chosen the right location for his investment!

    What are the general objectives of the Association of hotel and restaurant keepers – Velingrad and Western Rhodopes – for the tourist destination Velingrad and the tourist region Western Rhodopes?

    To protect our region from harmful external influences, in particular the “Grancharitsa” mine, and to restrict mining activity.

    To raise the financial standard and quality of life of all inhabitants in the Rhodopes region.

    To impose a positive image of tourism in the region and increase the recognition of the tourist brands “Velingrad” and “Rhoopes” as an attractive destination throughout the year; with its own identity, preserved cultural traditions and protected nature.

    To consolidate the competitiveness of all tourist sites in the Rhodopes area in the world market and national tourism by improving the quality of tourism product, specialization and diversification of all products.

    To introduce voluntary international standards and best European practices; to incorporate innovative products, information and communication technologies, according to the requirements of the tourist demand.

    To retain and attract new highly qualified staff, through continuous training, high wages and the sense of pride that are working in the Western Rhodopes.

    How are we going to achieve the goals?

    Through joint actions for the conservation and improvement of the tourism product we offer in Velingrad and Western Rhodopes.

    Through the conservation, development and promotion of the Rhodopes region.

    By assuming responsibility for voluntary compliance with ethical standards in the Code of Ethics of the Association, adopted by all of us.

    By means of joint contracting of the Association of hotel and restaurant keepers – Velingrad and Western Rhodopes with new sources of income coming from the Bulgarian and foreign tourist markets.

    Through reduction of suppliers’  prices  of raw materials and goods for all members of the Association of hotels and restaurant keepers – Velingrad and Western Rhodopes.

    By generating additional financial resources for the Association of hotels and restaurant keepers – Velingrad and Western Rhodopes and their correct and determined expenditure.

    Through active actions, constructive and useful suggestions for all tourism sector. Through correct decisions of the Tourism Advisory Council and the municipal Mayors in the Western Rhodopes region.

    Through active contacts with Ministry of Tourism and other agencies and governmental organizations related to the development of tourism and the imposition of West Rhodopes region.


    What will be the results?

    “Velingrad” – Spa destination number 1 in Europe.

    “Rhodopes” –  the tourist region number 1 in Bulgaria.

    The municipalities of region “Western Rhodopes” – the destination number 1  for events in Bulgaria.

    Achieve the necessary financial resources and positioning the Association of hotel and restaurant keepers – Velingrad – Western Rhodopes as the only tourism organization in the region of Western Rhodopes.

    Increases in the individual business performance of each member of the Association.